The 5 Best Escape Rooms to Visit in 2022

   This is one of America’s first virtual escape rooms, and it has grown in popularity since then. They provide escape rooms for all types of parties, with a wide range of options and situations.

What distinguishes them is the technology they used and the attention they put into creating rooms that make a difference! If you have the time, you can visit them at 2124 2nd Ave Studio D, Seattle, WA 98121-2208.

  • Hourglass Escapes

They provide an immersive experience that is directly applicable to real-life scenarios! So it’s essentially a 60-minute live-action film in which you star! They are located at 3131 Western Ave Unit 422b, Seattle, WA 98121, in the Belltown district.

What makes Hourglass Escapes unique is their utilisation of interactive everyday household items to solve puzzles and overcome hurdles. So, become their next contestant and try out one of their rooms!

  • Mission Escapes

It is a real escape room for small to large groups. Mission Escapes is proud of their themed escape rooms, “Treasure Hunt” and “Lunar Escape,” which include outstanding design and well-thought-out interiors that use ordinary items to solve clues and riddles within 60 minutes.

For your next appealing  kitchen cabinet norcross room encounter, pay them a visit at 510B Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104-2919.

  • The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist is the first escape room game in West Seattle, located at 4517 California Ave SW Suite B, Seattle, WA 98116-4903.

With their wide difficulty level ranges suitable for beginners to Sherlock Holmes, they ensure that you are hunting for clues and turning the room upside down.


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